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Two Puppies Better than One?

I want to relate something that happened this week that I think is noteworthy. Six months ago a lovely middle aged couple came to me to purchase a puppy. They had in their mind that it would be nice to buy 2 puppies so each dog would have a companion and playmate. OK, this sounded fine, I often sell 2 puppies together. However in this instance it was a disaster. These people were not experienced dog owners and the puppies ran amuck. I boarded them this week and at 9 months they were completely out of control. Not housebroken, and wouldn't listen to any direction. They just ran around wrestling with each other and having the best time. The lovely people were not experienced dog owners and were both very low key and quiet people. Even with the employ of an expensive professional dog trainer they were getting nowhere. Not everyone can raise and train 2 dogs together, not even Bichons. I spent a week and worked with both dogs. I ascertained which one of the dogs was more trainable and more attentive. I got him making outside in 3 days. The other dog, not so much. He was going to take some serious one on one training. He demonstrated zero attention span and is what I call "A good time Charlie". All he wanted to do was run and play with total abandon.

I sat down and gave this situation some serious thought. The answer was not what these sweet people are going to want to hear. The solution is to keep the one more trainable dog, and place the other dog in another home. If they didn't do that they never would be able to properly train either one and their life would be run by two out of control dogs. The hardest thing for them to accept is that the dog doesn't care. They were emotionally attached to him, but he was not attached to them. I was able to observe in the week they were here; he did not care about anyone except the other dog. What he needed a strong alpha figure to gain his respect and bring him under control. That was never going to happen with this lovely couple, especially in the presence of the other dog.

When they came to pick up their dogs I sat them down and explained the situation. Naturally this was not what they wanted to hear. I have found that most people believe that their dog is so attached to them that it could never adjust to any other owner. The truth is that most dogs, as with most people, will bond to anyone that is kind to them and fulfills their needs. It is true that sometimes an old dog won't easily readjust to a new situation, but eventually, with patience, they do. At this juncture I am left to wonder what they will decide to do. I hope they take my advice the find a new home for one of the dogs. It would be the best outcome for them, and believe it or not, for the dog also. I'm sure you have all heard the expression, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". The unruly dog could be a treasure in the hands of the right owner but in the present circumstance, it's a nightmare. I wonder what they will decide to do.

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