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Blog Posts in 2013

How To Pick The Right Puppy For You

How should I pick the right puppy for me and my family? I've had 30 years of experience with this question and I still am amazed by peoples' choices. Choosing a pet is not exactly like ...
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Should I buy a Bichon Frise or Maltese puppy?

Should I buy a Bichon Frise Puppy or a Maltese Puppy for my family? I am asked this question by a huge percentage of my clients. There isn’t an easy answer. These two breeds even look alike as ...
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Replacing a Lost Pet

It is very sad when a beloved pet passes away. It is a hurt that many of us have experienced and takes a long time to heal. In my experience, getting another dog is not doing an injustice to the dog ...
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Origin of the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise was developed in the Mediterranean region and existed well before the medieval period. The ancestors of the Bichon were the Barbet Water Spaniel and the Poodle. Not only was the ...
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Selecting a Bichon Puppy

I find most prospective Bichon customers seem to come to me with a predetermined preference for the sex of their new puppy. Some of the interesting reasons they tell me are: My mother said to get a ...
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Hotspots in Bichons

I have been a Bichon owner and breeder since 1988. I often have as many as 10 adults at one time. I have raised countless litters of puppies during that time. Over the years I have seen a wide ...
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I have been having trouble with ticks this year, no fleas just ticks. Maybe because it's been so dry. I'm told you can bring them in on your clothes or shoes. I have a very big yard and am out ...
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Removing Red Eye and Mouth Stains on Bichons

To me there is nothing more unsightly as red face stains that mar the beauty of some Bichons. There are several reasons for the red stains. One is breeding, I have found the rounder and more ...
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Two Puppies Better than One?

I want to relate something that happened this week that I think is noteworthy. Six months ago a lovely middle aged couple came to me to purchase a puppy. They had in their mind that it would be nice ...
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Brushing Your Bichon

Bichon Frise have a thick and beautiful white coat. It is their trademark. But it does require maintenance. Grooming your dog serves many purposes: First it creates a bond between you and your pet ...
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Bringing Home a New Puppy

When is it a good time to bring home your new puppy? Contrary to what most people think, it is NOT a good Idea to purchase a puppy while on vacation. Or to take a week off to be home with a new baby. ...
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