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Brushing Your Bichon

Bichon Frise have a thick and beautiful white coat. It is their trademark. But it does require maintenance.

Grooming your dog serves many purposes:

First it creates a bond between you and your pet that he can understand. In nature the animals routinely groom each other to keep their coats healthy and free of parasites. Grooming each other helps to cement the sense of belonging within the pack.

Brushing your pet also gives you some quiet time withthen that is not devoted to excited play or routine necessities. Brushing can become a welcome ritual while watching TV in the evening.

It has already been proven that stroking your dog can relax you and lower your blood pressure. It is also very necessary to maintain the health of his skin and the beautiful Powder Puff appearance the Bichon is known for.

Oh, I know what you are thinking. We have all heard “I can’t brush my dog, he won’t let me.” Oh give me a break, he’s 10 pounds and you are, well you get the picture. First suggestion, Put your Bichon on a table, don’t stoop down on the floor to his level. It will be a fight to get away from you and he will always win. You are at a definite advantage if he is up on a table. Put a towel on the washer or use the picnic table or best of all, buy a cheap grooming table. They cost as little as $75.00. Pet catalogues or I have three.

When your dog is up on the table you are in charge. I find I get the best results when I use a Curved Slicker Brush. Ask for one in the pet store or look online. Start at the shoulders and work back. Make sure you are getting through the coat don’t just skim the surface. As you work, there should be loose hair accumulating in the brush. Clean out the brush and keep going. Do the back, the hips, lift up each leg and brush each leg, and don’t forget that gorgeous Bichon Tail.

If your dog has won the brushing battle in the past and thinks he can intimidate you into stopping by growling, struggling or even trying to bite you. We have a surprise for Fido. While at the pet store buying your slicker brush, purchase a soft nylon muzzle in his appropriate size. If he tries to bite you or the brush, put the muzzle on him. It doesn’t hurt him but now he is so preoccupied with this thing on his face, his attention is drawn away from the brushing. Praise him for being a good boy, even if he’s not, and keep brushing. Do his head, ears, behind his ears(that’s where you will find mats) and pay special attention to his butt. His back end gets matted from sitting.

Try not to make the first session too long, but once you start it is important to brush him every day, until it becomes a pleasant task instead of a fight each time. I have one baby that was a handfull to brush but now I just show him the muzzle and he gives me kisses; as if to say “I’m such a good boy, Mom.” Bichons are really smart dogs they know just how much they can get away with and if you hold your ground you will be pleasantly surprised your Powder Puff Bichon will look beautiful; and he will even love you more for it.

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